Windows 8 Live

Well folks Windows 8 is here for real. Like it or not you will eventually have to figure it out. The business community will be slow to adopt this new iteration of the, here to fore, ubiquitous operating system. However home and personal users will be forced to cope with this new environment the next time they purchase a Windows based computing device. Unless Windows 8 fails the adoption process, al la Vista, we will all be using this operating system eventually.

Fear not for the transition for the personal user, although challenging need not be onerous. The system can be made to be very user friendly and can be customized to accommodate most any desktop preference. The underlying operating system is quite sophisticated and an evolutionary improvement over its predecessors. That being said we mortal users will only see the cosmetic changes, especially those accommodations to pad type devices.

Get used to it, the future is only a tap away. The click is so yesterday.