Microsoft Office Click to Run

Microsoft’s relatively new application delivery system has begun to impact every day users, and not always with positive results.

For those of us using third party add-ins to the Office 2010 productivity suite delivered through the Office Startup process, there may be some gotchas lurking in the new delivery system.

Some add ins seem to choke on the Click to Run function. This would not be a problem if Click to Run were a feature of the Office Suite that could be managed through preference settings or the like. Sadly that is not the case.

To remove the Click to Run “feature” from your Startup Office installation you have to uninstall the entire suite and reinstall using the MSI process. That requires you to order a backup DVD or download a sizable installation package from Microsoft. Click here

The lesson here is not for the end user to learn. It is for Microsoft and the many third party add in developers to get together and solve this issue. Click to Run is not going away, it is the application delivery system of the future.