Windows 8

Windows 8 is now available for anyone to download. If you have a spare PC or Mac with enough space you can setup a dual boot and test drive Windows 8 for your self.

You will find the current iteration of Windows 8 a bumpy but interesting ride. There are many changes to the operating system that for a seasoned XP/7 user may prove frustrating. Is this change for change sake. Not really.

In this new Windows version, Microsoft is betting on the continued adoption of a trend started anew by none other than Apple. With the proliferation of the iPad and it’s worthy competition, Microsoft to its credit, is hopping on the tablet bandwagon.

While on your Windows 8 test drive please resist the temptation to touch the screen of your laptop or PC. This OS is definitely built to respond to your touch but not just yet. Soon it will be touch ready because the future is touch computing, device independent, touch computing.