Good Google???

If you value your  privacy, well maybe Google Chrome is the Internet Browser for you. The oglers at Google have decided to let you “opt out” of  click tracking (my term). What is click tracking you say. Click tracking is Big Daddy ( Google may not be your daddy but they are big) collecting data about your Internet browsing habits.

Did you ever wonder how the greater Internet, somehow, KNEW what you were up to.

Did this ever happen to you? Just researched kitchen sink pricing on the internet and found a great sink from, say Kohler. Interestingly enough, based on the contents of your spam folder or the contents of your inbox, the whole world knows you are looking for a kitchen sink. They may be offering you special pricing on, can you believe it, Kohler kitchen sinks! Very Interesting. Thats Click Tracking.

Back to Good Google. If you are willing to install and use Google Chrome then you can opt out of the tracking algorithms that allow oglers to keep track of your Internet browsing activity. Good boys those Google oglers.


The same oglers that hacked the Apple browser Safari to DISABLE your chosen browser settings to, in fact, prevent “Click Tracking” are now touting the ability of THEIR new brewer’s ability to block “Click Tracking”.

Are you with me now? Google, who deliberately HACKED through your browser settings in Safari is promising you they will honor your privacy settings in THEIR browser?


Data is the commodity of the Internet and Google has the corner on the market. Data is worth more that oil and Google has more to sell than any other entity on “the net”. That IS a BIG DADDY,any way you slice it.

Just a thought.